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Oubbol Oung is an employee of the city of Rotterdam, Cluster Urban Development, dept. of Sustainability (policy making). Since 2014, Oubbol made a switch in her career to contribute more actively to the Energy Transition challenges and has been involved since then in serveral European projects varying in topics but related to the energy transition. Since the last 5 years, the focus of her work lies in supporting the uptake of Energy efficiency/saving in the existing built environment, privately owned residences. In that challenge, as project leader, she leads the projects Interreg2seas-TRIPLE-A and H2020-Save the Homes for Rotterdam.

Karen Janssen

My name is Karen Janssen, I am 34 years old and I live in Rotterdam. I work for the municipality of Rotterdam and I am mainly concerned with the work that will come as a result of the energy transition. How many people are needed to realize the transition, what skills do they need and how do we ensure that enough people from the region are willing and able to work in this area?


marianne de snoo

Marianne de Snoo is landscape architect and cultural anthropologist. She has experience in both fields of expertise: on the one hand, working on a diversity of both large scale, integral spatial projects and small scale landscape designs; on the other hand, doing social research, sometimes linked to spatial developments, but not always. She has provided spatial and demographic analyses for the European project Triple-A, and will do so again for Save the Homes.


ariane lelieveld

The task surrounding the climate and the future of us as humans on this earth takes place at many levels in society is therefore large and complex. Here applies: think big and act small.

We need both: a top-down policy to enable bottom-up strategy together with all stakeholders in an area. For that you need community builders who can bond and connect the gap between those two layers.

Knowledge of technology is required, based on the reality of residents. Socially engaged and enterprising. That’s me in a nutshell. I personally call this a converter (Ombouwer in Dutch) who works on the new world. I am therefore a combination of a doer connector and a technology factory who helps shape the future step by step with a lot of practical experience in the construction and design world. It also determines my position in this project