Municipality of Ljubljana

The City of Ljubljana (CoL) became the Green capital of Europe 2016 due to the fastest sustainable development among candidate cities. The sustainable development of the city was recognized by the citizens through the fourth re-election of the present Mayor of COL, Mr. Zoran Janković, whose primary goal is to assure the best services to Ljubljana citizens. In 2006 he won the first mandate with the program called “VISION 2025” (25 big investments in sustainable projects to be realised until 2025). The Vision is being realised and appreciated by the citizens.City administration consists of 582 employees, 68 % female and 32 % male (2010).  Within Mayors’ Office, Energy Manager and Smart City Manager are employed.

Staff profiles

Alenka Loose

BSc Material Sciences, University of Ljubljana, 1984


Present employment: City Energy Manager, City of Ljubljana (since 2013)

Previous employments: 

  • 2000-2013: senior adviser and Head of Environmental Protection Department, City of Ljubljana 
  • 1993 – 2000 Expert and Director Assistant at the Agency for Radioactive Waste Management, main task siting of  LL and ML Radioactive Waste. 
  • 1984 – 1993 research assistant in Department for reactor physics at J. Stefan Institute, University of Ljubljana. The main part of my research work was the development of Neutron-induced autoradipography (NIA) method for the detection of low concentration alpha-emitting elements in materials. Within the applicative part of work my tasks were embrittlement testing of irradiated parts of reactor pressure wessel of Nuclear power plant Krško as well as setting up the QA/QC procedures for the embrittlement testing.

Co-founder of the Nuclear Society of Slovenia and in the period 1993-2000 member of the American Nuclear Society.

Petra Šeme

Obtained her degree from human resources, Faculty of Social sciences, University of Ljubljana and her Master’s degree from Psychosocial Counseling MA,  School of Advanced Social Studies. She is certified Energy Manager (EUREM – European Energy Manager).

Since 2016 has been employed in the City of Ljubljana as an expert on a field.

Natalija Okorn

Graduated from the Faculty of Public Administration, University of Ljubljana.

Since July 2020 has been employed in the City of Ljubljana as an expert on a field.