Are you thinking of renovation? Hop on board! We’d love to go on this journey together. We understand that you want to know what you’re starting. That’s why we are mapping the Save the Homes one stop shop renovation journey! Meanwhile, you can already get a sense what to expect by looking at these steps below. Make sure to come back later, we will update this page regularly and keep you updated about the Save the Homes Journey. We’re doing this together!

The Save the Homes customer journey mapping  to define all the steps the you take when renovating your home. In each phase we intend to ease the renovation process and make the whole experience user-friendly and appealing. Each phase has its own goal where the overall aim is to help you with decision-making and facilitate quicker renovation actions.


Home assessment and energy audits are done here. We use different online tools to speed up the process. You will be able to see for yourself how (in)efficient your house is, furthermore, potential solutions are introduced streaming the most efficient renovation packages suitable for your home. With financial online tools, you will, according to the energy audit recommendations, understand which scenario can be mobilized based on the needed investments. Further advise allows analysis of suitable and available financial schemes. In the end, provision of a summary guide of financial assistance (offer) specific to the renovation project is given.


This stop covers the most complex and difficult renovation aspects. The main gain here is that you will not be left alone but will be guided through this process while getting the technical offer, financing package, regulatory support in an understandable way. The Citizen Hub arranges the purchase of renovation package (as result of the first step), the preparation of the renovation works (like hiring installers, contractors etc.) and the total financing.


The stakeholders responsible for construction will undergo the quality verification process in order to ensure the total quality of the renovation works and provide evidence to you that their investments are well spent. This includes data on quality control, quality levels and needed skills, including training and skills development to perform good quality renovation works.

In Use

The monitoring of the building’s energy performance and IEQ will be used to translate this data into information interesting for you, to show you what has been improved with the renovation. The goal is to make you aware about the improved building’s state as also to inform you on how to maintain the sustainable way of life in the new indoor conditions.