About save the homes

Why did we create Save The Homes?

Investments in renovations of homes are vital for the environment, economy, and people’s quality of life. Europe is struggling with an aging housing stock where only 10% of buildings currently have A or B class energy performance certificates. Next to that, the condition of a house is increasingly related to health due to demographic and climate change.

Living in unrenovated homes can have major implications for your health while improved housing conditions may save lives, reduce health risks and increase quality of lives. By renovating residential buildings an opportunity presents to achieve major improvements in health, comfort and well-being.

That’s why we started Save the Homes, to stimulate home renovation demand, increase renovation rate and thus contribute to improving people’s lives.

How do we want reach our goals?

Save the Homes wants to stimulate home renovation demand, increase renovation rate and thus contribute to improving people’s lives.

We understand that you might feel a barrier to renovate. And we want to help you with:

Technical skills and capacity:

Providing you the knowledge you need to oversee and control the renovation process.

Overseeing the market:

The renovation market is deeply fragmented which might make it difficult to master and navigate the home renovation process. Hence, an ‘all-inclusive’, transparent, and reliable brokerage service can facilitate the process and will make deep renovation more attractive.


Although 71% of European households could potentially afford a home renovation of roughly 75,000€, home renovation is rarely a priority expense. Thus, lack of attractive financing remains a barrier that prevents home renovations. If you’re not an expert in financing, it might be challenging to evaluate the options and seek the most advantageous mix of subsidies and rebates. Up-front, long-term financing that results in low monthly costs is key in scaling the home renovation market.


Most renovation projects involve a degree of uncertainty when it comes to real performance (about for example your indoor environment). Plus, comprehensive quality control is often absent, especially in individual home renovations. Still, these elements are crucial to build trust.Through smart financing + sufficient quality verification process in place for the technical works we can achieve this. Coordination of the renovation process is done on behalf of you where the Citizen Hub is an OSS model endorsed by a municipality, a trustworthy entity ensuring that the process is independent, transparent and of high quality  for people.

Performance data:

After the completion of the renovation process there is an overall lack oreliable data on the real building performance on energy, IEQ, and especially health and well-being parameters as a result of the renovation. We think it’s important to provide you clear and understandable information to assure that your investments were well spent. We aim to deliver real benefits for you based on the measured impact (quality of the works, energy savings, improved IEQ).

What will we do?

Save the Homes is a 3 year Horizon 2020 project. We to help you to make the renovation process easier, faster and more affordable by introducing a one stop shop, the Citizen Hub. This service will include:

Technical assessment:

Energy audit and home assessment

Technical offer:

Renovation solution kits, communication and decision-making tools

Contractual offer:

Legal contracts signed at physical offices at city level

Access to affordable financing options:

Providing you with financing options, including subsidy and rebates eligibility analysis

Monitoring and verification of works and overall quality assurance:

Verification of the performance during and after works

Independent support:

Providing guidance and advice throughout the renovation journey