One stop shops: engagement & recruitment campaigns

How can we make homeowners aware of what a one stop shop can do for them? That’s what we discussed in a workshop led by IVE during our 4th consortium meeting. During this meeting we discussed in groups the engagement and recruitment campaigns for the pilots in both Rotterdam and Valencia.

Marketing strategy

Both Valencia and Rotterdam are at a different stage as for marketing/ communication strategy. Rotterdam is starting with a couple of home renovations and after this experience there will be more focus on replication. For Valencia, we now want to start with bigger awareness campaigns. So, both cities have their own strategy, needs for materials and communication channels/ activities, but both relay in a common preliminary work based on the StH mapping methodology & StH customer journey framework:

  • Demand side mapping allowed us to better know our target, their needs & expectations, together with their motivations & drivers
  • The market analysis in terms of existing resources and initiatives, matched with those, pointed out the opportunities to onboard homeowners
  • Customer journey first steps, focused on engagement activities are designed accordingly, so to offer the best fitted services and functionalities
  • And the dissemination strategy is deployed sequentially from proof of concept for close collaborators to mass campaigns for general public, where marketing material comes into play.

Marketing material

Once the content strategy foundation is laid and enriched with relevant elaborated information, this serves as input for the marketing material for the engagement campaigns. With this content, material for several steps of the case specific elaborated customer journeys is prepared, depending on the needs of the one stop shop. Possibilities are for example:

  • Posters/ banners (corporate image for eventual actions);
  • Infographics (explaining renovation measures, checklists etc.);
  • Stickers/ badges/ cards (summarizing renovation (fun)facts, e.g. turning the assumptions about renovations around into “did you know…” stickers);
  • Renovation magazine/ brochure/ flyer (with all information bundled, to have a good read and understand the whole process better);
  • Articles or videos (showing the user stories)

Channels/ activities

When looking at marketing material, local and well-known existing places and channels are to be identified to distribute these marketing materials. Several possibilities to be used are:

  • Websites; Like the One Stop Shop websites, dedicated landing pages
  • Social media channels; (Like Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram etc)
  • Events, trainings and workshops, in OSS premises and homeowners’ places (squares, markets, fairs…)
  • Having conversations and offer information at the one stop shop itself
  • Personalized letters/ appointments offering solutions adapted to their building situation and possibilities


For us, the next step is to start developing bigger awareness campaigns for Valencia, based on the customer journey and our knowledge of the target group. Next to that, for Rotterdam we will first focus on the renovations that are planned, collecting stories and getting more insights in that customer journey and the needs/ experiences. Want to know more or do you have some ideas to share? Let us know!

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