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The Customer Journey

Earlier during our project, we defined the customer journey for homeowners. Recently we visualised this journey.

The appeal of cities

Walter Bokern is Chief Information Officer at Springco. But how do you ensure you make impact in your work? We interviewed him about his experiences.

Industrialized building

During our consortium meeting in February we started our site visit with a lecture from Haico van Nunen from Bouwhulpgroep about industrialized building.

The Renovation Checklist

Together with the Municipality Rotterdam we created the Renovation Checklist. A practical overview of what to expect when renovating. Download the full version here!

Doing nothing doesn’t give you energy

Rieks Weerman is a retired civil engineer from Rotterdam. To stay involved he has become an energy coach. We interviewed him about his experiences.

Mapping the activities of the one stop shops

In Rotterdam and Valencia we will be offering home renovation services via one stop shops. Save the Homes started 1,5 year ago and in a workshop led by GNE Finance, we discussed together what we have done so far in the two cities. We used the customer journey as a...

One stop shops: engagement & recruitment campaigns

How can we make homeowners aware of what a one stop shop can do for them? That’s what we discussed in a workshop led by IVE during our 4th consortium meeting. During this meeting we discussed in groups the engagement and recruitment campaigns for the pilots in both...

The follower cities of Save the Homes!

Our pilot sites in Rotterdam and Valencia are steadily moving forward towards the implementation of the Save thee Homes Citizen Hub During our consortium meeting we discussed how we can replicate this success in our follower cities. The cities are very different, so...

Visiting Rotterdam

On March 22nd, we did a site visit to our Rotterdam pilot within the municipality of Rotterdam during our consortium meeting. It was great to see the area and be guided by Haico van Nunen and Joep Overeem.

Save the Homes 4th consortium meeting

For the first time in the project, we were able to organize an in-person consortium meeting. It was great to finally meet everyone face-to-face in Rotterdam. It was immediately noticeable that the discussions were more vivid. We started with a day full of workshops on...

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